A journey to a working SMB solution

Google vs Instaon Instaon was founded in 2016 by, Gregory D’Harveng, a former Google employee. During my 2 years at Google as account strategist, I had the chance to help thousands of clients with their online strategies and especially with their Adwords accounts. The lack of Adwords knowledge from the advertisers, as well as the….

Why you should absolutely track conversions.

In this article we will explain the importance of tracking conversions, and explain why the collected data can give surprising insights on your Adwords setup, and improve the results of your Instaon search campaigns. What are conversions? Conversion tracking starts with you creating a¬†conversion action¬†in your AdWords account. A conversion is an action (click, view,….

Why go long-tail when creating Adwords campaigns?

In this article we will explain the concept of long-tail keywords creation, and why this is important to help you improve your CTR.